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Exterior Windows - Don't risk falling out of your second-story window trying to clean its exterior from inside the house! Some homeowners prefer to clean their own windows themselves but only on the interior. When it comes to doing the outside, they call a professional. With ABC Window Cleaning Service you don't risk breaking your neck or damaging your window just to get some sunshine into your house.

  • ABC's business liability insurance protects your property from damage.
  • Safety is first. ABC's policy is to use a ladder leveler to make sure the ladder is well grounded before we climb onto your house. At the top we use a stand-off to lean on your roof and avoid leaning on your gutters, fixing the ladder with bungee cords for added stability to keep it from sliding off the roof. This means you can relax while we work outside your house. It takes an expert to know where to step when on a roof top to keep from slipping but also from damaging your tiles and shingles, which is why we take every precaution to distribute our weight evenly when walking on top of your house.
  • Our biodegradable cleaning solutions are powerful enough to break down hardened grime and dirt without damaging your windows or the environment, and they are superior in leaving no streaks behind.
  • Old windows, such as those in Victorian houses, require special care because of their warbling and old manufacturing. They can be easily scratched but just as easily soiled by paint, gunk and stubborn grime. We use no scrapers but only steel wool to remove hardened build-up from historic windows and to avoid damaging your timeless property. Tinted windows also require special handling not to scratch them, which is why we use no abrasive tools to ensure their cleanliness without damaging the tint. You'll be glad we took such delicate care of them!
  • As a courtesy to our clients, we always remove paint specks from exterior windows free of charge!

Interior Windows - What's the good of ending with clean windows indoors, if your carpet and walls get soiled in the process? This is why at ABC Window Cleaning Service we use drop-cloths to catch any drippings to protect your carpets and hardwood floors.

  • Whenever indoors, we remove our work shoes or wear booties to avoid soiling your clean carpets.
  • Before we bring any equipment inside your house we clean them to make sure they don't stain anything in your house.
  • We make it a habit to move any furniture a safe distance from the work area to avoid damaging or soiling it. If we cannot move the furniture, we cover it up to keep it safe.
  • To leave a streak-free window at ABC Window Cleaning Service we start working indoors by first cleaning the windows that are not facing the sun, since it is the sun drying the cleaning solution on the pane that leaves the streaks. We know our business well and conduct quality control.

Window Screens - You got your window cleaned inside and out, and then guess what? They still look dirty. Why? Your screens get discolored and debris builds up on them. No clean window will let the sun in without a thorough window screen cleaning.

  • Window screens trap a lot of dirt. If you have a clean window and a dirty screen, your window will get dirty faster. A basic wipe down might do for some screens. Some other screens will require a thorough brushing. Either way getting your window screens cleaned is no hassle for ABC Window Cleaning Service. Just ask! Your clean windows are worth it.
  • Window Frames and Sills - Frames and sills outline the window with color and style. Often they're different indoors than outdoors. Either way, if they remain dirty and your windows clean, the job is half way done. With a good sponge and a sturdy brush getting this work done can be a snap, if you request it.

Window Tracks - Dead bugs and lots of sticky grime builds up in your window tracks and cannot be removed with cloth. But a good sponge, a professional cleaning solution and a solid brush can complete this finishing touch and make those sliding windows easier to open and slide shut. Let us know how many you want sliding smoothly again.

Window Screen Protectant - Sun, wind and rain can discolor and wear out your window screens. But if you let us spray an environmentally-friendly protective coating, your screens not only will look like new but last longer and will not dirty up your windows as quickly. It's a good way to stretch your dollar by making your clean windows last clean even longer.

Mirrors - Fingerprints? Oily hand prints? Is it the FBI you're trying to impress at a crime scene or simply a mirror that you need wiped clean? If you're staging a house for sale or own a dancing studio, a bar, restaurant or just a large closet mirror door, you can get a perfect reflection of cleanliness by giving us a call.

Mineral Build-up - A very special window cleaning service that truly makes a window sparkle is the removal of exterior mineral build-up. When mineral rich (hard) water dries up on a window, a white, smoky deposit collects on the surface. Rain, sprinkler systems, and even a power wash can lead to mineral build-up. Mineral deposits, which look like permanent water spots on your windows, will create a hazy look on the glass that a typical window cleaning job cannot remove. Over time this hazy look will make your windows appear ruined, unless you call a professional to visit and apply special cleansers to remove the mineral build-up. Removing mineral build-up will bring a completely new life to your window and will let you see so clearly through your glass that you'll think your window is missing!

Gutters - Cleaning debris from your gutters is easy to do for someone already up your exterior wall cleaning your windows. Why not avoid a fire hazard or damage to your foundation when the rains come by having ABC also clean your gutters?

Exterior Light Fixtures - There is more to light than the sun. Let your exterior lighting glow. And while were at it, We'll even replace any of your broken bulbs.

Screen Repair - Often there are screens not worth cleaning. Let me repair them for you to keep the bugs out and the sun light in. Got a porch that needs a new screen? Let's talk.

Glass Sealant - You spend good money to get your windows cleaned. Make that cleaning last by letting us apply a sealant to your exterior windows that keeps them protected from water and hard water stains. Plus the sealant helps repel dirt from your windows so that they remain clean and sparkling for a longer time.